19th July 2012
7:30pm till 10pm
£4 Entry
Downstairs at Trangallán bistro restaurant
61 Newington Green London N16 9PX
:an evening of experiments in live performance:
- theatre - music - choreography - writing - art -


Negotiating – I just want crawl back into my birthing sack....

An interactive comedy-cabaret-contemporary dance show audience participation with goody-bags in collaboration with artist Tessa Ryan


A Q- from the curator of the event Sebastian Hau-Walker and 

The Birth of the Fabulous Schnitzel Zwillinge - Demanding a precious moment with you

>Artist/Company name
Schnitzel Zwillinge /Tessa Ryan and Georg Klüver-Pfandtner

>Statement about performance/piece/work
Out Of Focus Celebration - These Twins have blurred vision. Help deliver the Fabulous Schnitzel Zwillinge in a game of truth or dare.

about 35 Minutes

>Set-up/Get-Out time?
10 minutes

>Materials/Objects list
We, our costumes, a giant Schnitzel (plastic), a projector (do you have one?), our computer, Schnitzel Glasses

>Space requirements/Preferred Seating arrangements for audience
Standing - as they will be dancing

>Any risks/health & safety issues you can think of
Bumping into each other when dancing, taking crowd outside for a celebratory dance along, in the street (pavement)

>Artist Statement (if you have one)
We will read out our artist statement during the performance.

How can we remain focused as artists in a culture that is so fast paced and financially demanding?
We invite you to join as we search for answers to this question.

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