Installation / Staged photography / Club para*site / Utopian tavern / Ballroom / Ready room 
steirischer herbst Festival / 2016

BILD C03 fin

800 Club 1

800 Beauty Salon

(Photo Wallpaper Dimensions 10m x 3m)

Mur Wirtin Georg Kluver Pfandtner

CLUB PANAMUR was a temporary venue extravagnaza, I planned and realised in collaboration with architect Stefan Beer from junger_beer architectur for the nightly performance and music events of the contemporary art festival steirischer herbst in Graz 
in 2016. We transformed the original location by creating large-format photo prints (a massive thank you to Florian Aschka, who helped us so much taking the photographs), photo wallpapers, various floor designs as
 well as light boxes and several spatial installations. These arrangments inclduded a colourful and welcoming underwater tavern called the MUR WIRTIN, a giant
 TONGUE of the club para-site that would lead visitors through a few secret doors onto the DANCEFLOOR and a noctural BEAUTY SALON

The performance and music program of the festival was curated by Martin Baasch and Norman Palm.

Extract from the festival catalogue:

"Panamur is a shimmering, vital club parasite that digs down deep into its host – the Orpheum – and infiltrates the renowned performance venue playfully,
 subversively and subtly. The artists queer the rooms, shifting entrances, rotating familiar visual axes and perspectives and creating a darkly glamorous 
dance floor in the heart of the club. The foyer also becomes an inviting space, drawing on the traditional Buschenschank as its visual inspiration, but 
exaggerating and distorting it, humorously mixing in absurd arrangements of objects."

Artistic concept Georg Klüver-Pfandtner

Architectural planning and realisation Stefan Beer / jungerbeer architektur
Photographic works Georg Klüver-Pfandtner, Stefan Beer & Florian Aschka

Beauty Salon Performance Georg Klüver-Pfandtner, Wilhelm Binder, Hatschepsut Huss

400 Food 1





800 WIRTPictured above: the owner of the tavern - the beautiful MUR WIRTIN and her mad sidekick MUR WIRT
(Dimensions 6 m x 2,5 m & 3,20 m x 3,20 m)






The magenta-cloured, flashingTONGUE of the club para*site leads visitors up the staircase into...

(Dimensions of photographs pictured above 3m x 2m and 3m x 3m, blue-pinkpainted loggia installation made of wood, alpine-underwater tavern landscape photo prints, tea towek floor design, see-through fabric with grapes and coral patterns, fake neon signs and delicious animal-food arrangments)




...the heart of the DANCEFLOOR...

00 Wildberger

00 Wildberger

The BALLROOM features a cosmic silver-black glittery floor and a ceiling fresco - light box standing comfortably next to the stage

800 FRESKO(Photo light-box, dimensons 10m x 4m)

...and a SPACE TRYPTICH on the opposite side

00 3 Musen
(Photo prints, dimensons 3 x 3m x 4m)




Outside the club a lavish BEAUTY SALON awaits the visitors

00 Wildberger

00 HochMixCLUB PANAMUR acts

Kuenta i Tambu / Sarah Farina
Moddi plays Unsongs
Group A
Aïsha Devi / Dis Fig
Kairo is Koming
Perera Elsewhere
Noite Príncípe
Hailu Mergia with Tony Buck & Mike Majkowski
Chris Menist


Photographs of events & acts 

© Stefan Beer
© Hans Klestorfer
© Lena Prehal
© Clara Wildberger




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