2 artist collectives playing chess at Friday Exit Proudly Connects: Baer | Hotel Butterfly


What, if we write the text right away? That would be coolest thing to do actually.
What did they say, they want a text for?
Ok, good to meet up again and not wasting too much time writing the text, before we think about general phrases.
Are you actually writing everything down we say?

Group Chess. When playing chess, two people sit opposite each other and play against each other. But if instead of a person a group starts and their future traits are discussed possible strategies are revealed 001 proudly connected gkpand considerations transparent. Whether it's an advantage or a disadvantage to start as a group, that's figuring out. At Friday Exit Hotel Butterfly and baer compete in a match.



Baer is an artist collective, founded in 2008, which began as an approach to experimenting with non-predetermined communicative spaces and modes of operation. Progressively, it developed into an artistic practice which accomodates collective and inividual processes. Thus permitting, complex questions and implementations. The founding maxim was: Through personal relations, regular gatherings and conviviality we work against it.

Johannes Franz, Sarah Kienpointner, Thomas Lehner, Philipp Leissing,
Nadine Lemke, David Postl, Arthur Summereder, Michael Suszynski

Hotel Butterfly

Hotel Butterfly is a collective of artists of various disciplines. They transform familiar spaces and activate their versatile potential by means of spatial interventions, such as installations, visuals, aural and performative gestures. Participating artists: Cousine Gigi & Cousine Florence, Wilhelm Binder, Luscious, Muniel Muniel, Tiger, Djane Eyre

Hotel Butterfly:
Florian Aschka, Wilhelm Binder, Georg Klüver-Pfandtner, Larissa Kopp,
Stephanie Mold, Muniel Muniel, Maria Szmit


Baer | Hotel Butterfly: 14.3. – 2.4.
(process open to public, drop by during our opening hours, stay updated for special events)
Finissage Baer | Hotel Butterfly: Friday, 3.4., 7pm

Friday Exit
Döblergasse 2 / EG
1070 Wien
Thu & Fri 5-8pm, Sat 11am-3pm

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