Exhibition / Photography / Installation / AMOQA – Athens Museum of Queer Arts / 2017


The subDocumenta’s project is an evening with performances, exhibition, and presentation with a focus on queer feminist artists based in Vienna, occupying the AMOQA – Athens Museum of Queer Arts, on 07th of May.
The event is organized by Pêdra Costa, Ruby Sircar and AMOQA and it presents the multiplicities of techniques, languages and thoughts trough 31 artists. It is an ephemeral and transitional exhibition, a counterpoint to the durational event – the Documenta 14.

The term “sub” from Latin means in this context under the Documenta, in an underground and queer way. According to Judith Butler, queer people do not reach the status of the human being for the Western societies, and expanding this quote we would say that immigrants in EU too. Queer is a creative and subversive way to co-exist in the world, under the capitalist/colonial cis-tem. At last, what is the sub? The sub is the trick to subvert the status quo making part of it.


Adelaida AE, Alexandru Cosarca, Alfred Morina, Mirabella Dziruni, Ben, Danielle Pamp, Eva Hettmer, Florian Aschka, Gin Müller, Hyeji Nam, Jasmin Hagendorfer, Jonathan Hoehl, Julia Fuchs, Julia Goodman, Larissa Kopp, Leon Höllhumer, Lora Sophie, Louise Deininger, Lukas Ponyboy, Michal Rutz, Moritz Gottschalk, Pêdra Costa, Rini Mitra, Sir Meisi (Ruby Sircar and Wolfgang Meisinger), Sophie Utikal, Stefan-Manuel Eggenweber, Tomash Schoiswohl, Wilhelm Binder, Zoe Dewitt, with the the illustrious presence of the Artist Ashley Scheirl.

*The space is accessible for people on wheelchairs.


Erigonis 3,
2ος όροφος,
118 54 Athen


18402191 10213124869137464 4780911582492231629 oSlide viewer with a slide from "Breakfast Epiphany" (2016)  - Florian Aschka's and my contribiution documented by Julia Fuchs.





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