1 May 2014

Die Rabtaldirndln
Picknick mit Erscheinung
Key topic: Village People
PICNIC WITH APPARITION is a collective ecstasy and a search for the transcendental. On 1 May the Rabtaldirndln invite the brut audience to a passion-play type of walk in the forest. This walk centres on the fictional martyr Uschi Kümmernis, who renounced the conception of the way a woman should live, grew a beard and moved into the woods to lead an independent life. The Rabtaldirndln give everything to get their heroine to appear: intercessions are read together with the audience and things are shot at sharply. The pilgrimage takes place under the motto: “The more you open up the more likely it is that Uschi will also appear to you.” In order not to spoil the fun, we’ll say only this much: the fervently desired apparition will appear and we will celebrate in an exuberant mood with devotional objects, sausage sandwiches, lemonade and punch doughnuts!

Meeting point: Wallfahrtskirche Maria-Grün/Aspernallee, 1020, Bus Stop Lusthaus, Aspernallee

The box office opens one hour before the start. Please arrive at the meeting point half an hour in advance. The performance will also take place in case of bad weather. Sturdy footwear is recommended.

By and with Die Rabtaldirndln (Barbara Carli, Rosi Degen, Bea Dermond, Gudrun Maier) and Georg Klüver-Pfandtner

A co-production by Die Rabtaldirndln and SZENE Salzburg.

€ 6,- standard price

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